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Whether its a hobby or a career, the tailored training we provide helps you learn to safely and legally operate a  drone across a wide range of  applications. Each session combines both theoretical and practical training. You’ll learn the principles and laws governing drones and master your practical skills in a controlled training environment, supervised by an experienced Pilot. We focus on ensuring that you can fly safely & competently; overall we make flying fun and easy to understand. 

Training overview:

  • Practical flight training on phantom 4 pro or your own drone

  • Drone overview

  • DJI app overview

  • Dangers when flying and safety procedures

  • Aviation rules & laws that you need to know

  • Where you can & can't fly

  • Pre & post flight checklist

  • Drone maintenance

  • how to fly in different weather conditions

  • Photography and videography training

  • Learn to fly before you buy

  • Video editing 

  • Photoshop training


Yes, the Drone Industry is taking off and if you want to get involved commercially or for a hobby you don't need to spend thousands on licences. To operate a sub 2kg drone all you need is the correct training to be a safe pilot and that's what we specialise in.

There are a wide range of drone opportunities out there. Click the link below to view statistics from Goldman Sach showing how fast Industry in growing:





tailored training 

Private/group or online training

Whether you are about to purchase your first drone or wish to get better at Aerial Photography or Cinematography our training will ensure that you get the most from your UAV and have a safe flight experience. we can help your business get airborne!

Aerial Cinematography Training

Learn how to get first class photos and video from your DJI drone. This training is all about helping you to get started taking aerial photos and videos with the use of the Drone and DJI app.

Video Editing Training

Learn how to edit videos like a pro. By the end of this training, your confidence as a video editor will 'take off'... You'll have a thorough understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro for fun or as a career opportunity.

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