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Whether its a hobby or a career, the tailored training we provide helps you learn to safely and legally operate a  drone across a wide range of  applications. Each session combines both theoretical and practical training. You’ll learn the principles and laws governing drones and master your practical skills in a controlled training environment, supervised by an experienced Pilot. We focus on ensuring that you can fly safely & competently; overall we make flying fun and easy to understand. 

Training overview:

  • Practical flight training on phantom 4 pro or your own drone

  • Drone overview

  • DJI app overview

  • Dangers when flying and safety procedures

  • Aviation rules & laws that you need to know

  • Where you can & can't fly

  • Pre & post flight checklist

  • Drone maintenance

  • how to fly in different weather conditions

  • Photography and videography training

  • Learn to fly before you buy

  • Video editing 

  • Photoshop training


Yes, the Drone Industry is taking off and if you want to get involved commercially or for a hobby you don't need to spend thousands on licences. To operate a sub 2kg drone all you need is the correct training to be a safe pilot and that's what we specialise in.

There are a wide range of drone opportunities out there. Click the link below to view statistics from Goldman Sach showing how fast Industry in growing:





tailored training 


Charles Jordan

Director / Pilot Instructor

Tel: 0420 686 153​


Balgowlah,Sydney, NSW 2093​

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